FAQs to eyebrow procedures that are currently in trend

Most often the first thing we notice in a person is the eye area and this naturally means the eyebrows are immediately taken notice of too. That is why we are most often conscious of how neat and full our brows appear.

Have you noticed how the brow game has changed over the years? The brows in the nineties were nothing short of samurai swords and sported an arch that was almost impossible to achieve.

Today, all the makeup tutorials on social media and the glam shots celebrities post exhibits a fuller and natural approach that they would not be caught dead with just a few years ago.

Time… it really brings about change!

The question that gets asked the most, does it hurt?

To all the moms out there, girl this is nothing compared what you just pushed out or the epidural that you took to your spine. So no it is nothing you can’t handle. I won’t say it will not hurt at all because it is really not right to compare your birthing experience to any other.Of course you are going to have a sensation that is totally tolerable as all precautions are taken to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Are there different styles to micro blading?

Yes some clinics follow a more bold approach that suits certain face shapes more than others. This is in response to the current makeup trends that feature a more defined and full brow as opposed to the sleeker eyebrow look that was sported in the past.

Therefore it is best to consult your beautician prior to deciding on your style and most importantly it is important to not arrive at this decision on your own.

The Nano technology used in the present day for eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery is a very recently discovered methology that allows the micro blading strokes to blend seamlessly with the natural brow line. Furthermore the availability of the different shades of ink allows you to achieve the exact shade that nobody will be able to tell apart unless you were the one out to point it out to them.

How long will the brow procedure last?

Well this may depend according to each person’s texture of the skin and the pre and post care associated with the procedure.in a text book scenario this would mean that you will be relieved of your usual makeup routine for at least 3 months and sometimes you might also be able to get away with it even for as long as a whole year.

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