How To Avoid Being A Shopaholic

It’s quite common to get attracted to most things you see and have the purse empty after all those shopping. Sometimes you might end up buying the stuff you don’t really need in the day to day life but rather to satisfy your spontaneous urges of buying it. With this shopping addiction, you might lose control of what to and what not to buy which might even make you bankrupted and not leave you with enough money to fulfill your bigger dreams. Here are few tips you can use to avoid the being a shopaholic and start saving again.

Give up on credit cards

Using credit cards can be very tricky and will make you fall into the money trap. If you have been using so many of credit cards with your compulsive spending habits, then it’s time to rethink the need of it in your life which ultimately makes you pay for all that you didn’t even intend to buy. It’s more important to control your decisions and use the cards wisely. Till you achieve that, use of cards can be postponed.

Sell the unnecessary stuff  

You might have a lot of stuff in your wardrobe which was a result of a quick reaction of buying after seeing. If you think that now its worthless and you have no idea what to do for it, you can always have a garage sale or sell them. It can be your expensive shoes, clothes which you don’t fit to or even jewelry which you don’t like anymore. You have the option of selling your branded handbags and don’t think twice about where to sell branded bags in Singapore. Its now all possible and just a click away. After you go through this process, try and save up the cash you received. If you feel like you will spend it, try and keep it in a place you won’t be able to take quickly.

Have bigger goals

Everyone has their own kinds of bigger goals in life. It can be educational ones, dream vehicle, settling down in your own house and many more. Take a while and think about what your bigger goals are that you want to achieve during a certain time period. After you receive the answer for this, draw up a budget plan and try to save up on that day onwards and engage yourself in meaningful transactions. Keep a journal and write about your progress every single day.

Use mind tricks

Mind tricks tend to work always. You can use a 21-day rule of your own condition to try and force yourself to achieve the self-discipline you wanted. Make yourself few personal restrictions like not spending more than a certain amount per week in buying things so that it will eventually lead you to have more self-control. Have a wish list and always target for the bigger stuff

There is nothing you cannot do. Just keep track on your shopping addictions and follow these few tips on point. Within no time you will be back with the better version of yourself.

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