Naturally healthy skin for a unique beauty

It is said that beauty is only skin deep. However, the significance of the skin is quite deeper than just posing as an accessory to your beauty. The skin is the largest organ in our body. Meaning it has its own tasks and responsibilities and it is very much alive, even though we might consider it as something of a packaging tool.

What is skin?

Your skin is a protector. It prevents from any bacteria or viruses entering in to the body, as well as it acts as a barrier to the harmful sunlight you might experience if working outside. Hence, skin is actually considered the first film or layer of the human body’s immune system. Apart from sun, your body is protected by the skin from any scraps or cuts and temperature changes that may affect the innards of the body had it not been there. One of the five sensory organs, it is also the “touch” part of your body. Hair on your skin also has a task concerning the protection duty it has.

What if the skin gets unwell?

Any part of the body can get sick. Being the largest organ, the skin is susceptible to getting sick as well. Similar to characteristics that we see when one is unwell, such as fever for a bacterial infection, you can “see”special signs when the skin is not well too. For example, if you have sallow or pale skin, it may be a signal for more nutrients needed to nourish it. A dry skin is present when you need to drink more water. Vegetables and fruits are ideal mates to make yourself glow. Skin is susceptible to wear down with age as well as excessive exposure or abuse. If you work outside in the sun, do wear protective clothing; if you are open to extreme temperatures – too hot or too cold both are bad – make sure you take right nutrients, drink enough water and seek medical help if need be.

Ageing of the skin

As mentioned above, age has a say on the skin. No doubt you have seen older people with wrinkled skin. They obviously were not born that way, although there is a disease as such, known as “wrinkly skin syndrome’ which is a genetic disorder. It is characterized by “wrinkly” skin, diminished elasticity of the skin and late closure of the fontanel.

In a situation except that, there is nothing to stop human ageing and the skin ageing with us. What you can control, are the good habits you adopt to slow down the skin degeneration; such as low exposure to sunlight, getting rid of poor dietary habits, be less stressed and more calm, stop using alcohol or cigarettes excessively and of course, drink a lot of water while eating veggies and fruits.

Remember skin is one of the most important organs which can be seen by other people. It must be in your top most position in the list of “taking care”.

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