Simple things that make girls happy

While most people carry the myth of girls wanting expensive things to be happy, the truth lies among the lines of simplicity. Girls don’t pry on the cost you spend on them, but they do demand for the attention and the care they deserve, so getting her anything that shows them would make her the happiest girl on the planet. Here are some simple things you could get your girl;


It is not necessary to bring along a big bouquet of flowers, but even a single one would make your girl feel blessed on date night, or simply when paying a visit to her work. You would know she is happy about it when she carries it around with her. The big bouquets can be saved for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

Souvenirs from trips

One of the sweetest things you can get a girl while you are away from them is a souvenir from where you went, that would show her that you missed her while you were away. It can be as cheap and tiny as a keychain or a charm for her bracelet, and it would not surpass the happiness she would get from you searching for Prada handbags online Singapore.

Anything that smells nice

Girls love love love smelling nice! So, getting her a spray or a lotion that you know is her favorite on your way back home or randomly when you feel like pampering her would be a simple yet lovely gesture that would reflect the love you have for her along with the caring you want her to give to herself. Places like bath and body works can be a great option in this relation.

Handmade gifts

Hand making gifts for your girl is the most appreciated thing you could ever do for her. You might not be as creative or anything, even if it does not look the prettiest to others, it will be loved by a girl because they would see the effort you put into it. Handmade cards or gifts can be given for a birthday, anniversary, or even at random occasions when you miss her.

Try out any of the above gift ideas on your girl and you will see the happiness she gets even if they are not as expensive as gifts can get. It does not matter how expensive your gifts have to be, it is merely the thought that matters, which is why it can be as simple as a toy from a souvenir shop.

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