Tips to help you select the right bag for your outfit

Accessorizing with handbags is a growing trend of today. And so, while accessorizing in itself is an art, knowing how to make it work also matters. So here are some tips you could use to style your outfits with handbags in the right way.

The occasion

As much as you would pay attention to the outfits that you wear in termsof the event that you are attending, the handbags and the prada wallet singapore that you carry too ought to be carefully chosen according to the occasion. So you need to start off by first selecting what you are going to wear for the event and match your bag according to it. If you are going to a party then you should be choosing an elegant clutch over an oversized bag that could only kill the vibe with the outfit you are wearing.  

A big bag for more space

If you have a lot of things that you want to carry with you, finding a large bag over carrying two different bags would be the best to style with the outfit that you are wearing. This way you could throw in the notebook, wallet and all other essentials that you need to carry with you rather than having half in your hands and the rest cramped in a bag!

Pop colour with monochrome

The best way to style a monochrome outfit is to add a pop coloured handbag that would automatically upgrade the look you are aiming for. Including such bold colours to an outfit is in fact a great way to add style and fun together even if you are an all-black or neutral shade person.

An alternate for not being able to pull off bold

Some people just aren’t that confident about pulling off bold colours and the best way for them to add such bright colours is by using their handbags to accessorize. You could start off by selecting simple colours that you love and then develop the style of incorporating neon and other bolder shades by learning the trick of making them work. 

Pick a colour from your outfit as a base

Another interesting and easy way of styling your bags with your outfits is by selecting one colour from your outfit and using that as a base to select the right shade for your bag. This especially works if you are rocking patterns or even two tones. You could match your bag to your shoes too for an even greater effect!

Try out some of the above tips, and style your bags the right way with just about any outfit!

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