Visiting a new bundle of joy at your friends’

Who doesn’t love babies? When your friend, family member or relative gave birth, your first wish is to go and visit them as soon as possible. But did you stop to think for a moment that it might not be the wisest thing to do?

Why not?

You might wonder, well, why not? We are as happy as they are and want to share this special moment with them. You have the idea of taking photographs, or selfies in this decade and sharing it with your group of friends and social media friends. However, it is sensible to first ask the parents before you do anything. True that you are also happy for the new arrival and want to shar the happiness, nevertheless, it is their baby so they have the right for anything and everything, especially before you. Do not make things uncomfortable by acting rashly or loudly in that matter; you must be very careful when visiting and cooing over a newborn.

New trends

The baby might not be comfortable with flash lights and ruckus over who gets to pose with it. Parents might have decided to not to publish any pics for at least some time; sadly, the world does have perpetrators who can download and edit to change baby pictures to include very bad things. Therefore, unless you have parents’ special approval, please refrain from taking any photos. Touching is also the same. It is not very prudent to visit a newborn when it is still in the hospital, but if you do that on the off chance, due to an unavoidable circumstance, make sure you are clean and do not have any sort of disease contractable or not.

What to get?

Some think it is suitable to get something as a gift for only the baby. This is not true; you can of course buy something small for the mother too. If this is the first time she gave birth, she will be in somewhat raw status physically as well as mentally. Some babies come with difficulties such as being unable to suck milk from mothers or crying for getting their attention. Apart from a baby gift, you can buy breastfeeding tops or something useful like that for the mother also; or if you pitch in to do some house work that will also be a great help for a new mother.

Don’t forget you are supposed to be of help and support. Do not start criticizing how the baby looks or what practices mother follows. Be a strength than a pain to a fellow woman.

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